Last Updated 2/4/14

yMarketQuote MorphOSConnects to Yahoo Finance and downloads Market Quotes (MUI)
AmiTwitter OS 3.x OS 4.1 and MorphOS Amiga 68k/4.1/MOS/MUIBeta screen grabs of AmiTwitter, an AmigaOS 3.x / 4.1/ MorphOS Twitter client.
Getting Started With AmiTwitter
Programming with gcc and MUI Tutorialgcc 2.95.3-4 and MUI 3.8 tutorial
AmigaOS 3.9 User ForumLink to YahooGroup I started in 2000...
Mediator TX / Radeon 9200 Reviewa first review of the Mediator TX / Radeon 9200
PowerOffGUI (POG) Amiga 68k/RxMUIa frontend for PowerOff (Mediator) built with RxMUI 42.6 see a screen grab here
ActionGUI Amiga 68k/ArgueMUIa frontend for Action built with Argue 1.4 see a screen grab here
EZcyberSpace 0.1.6Amiga 68k/MUIpre-Alpha screen grab
ASCIImui Amiga 68k/MUIget an ASCII character (MUI) see a screen grab here
IPmui 1.0 Amiga 68k/MUIget a URL's IP address (MUI) see a screen grab here
SMSmui 0.0.8a Amiga 68k/MUISimple program that sends SMS text messages over the Cingular Network in U.S. & Canada (MUI -- source included) see a screen grab here
xpdf 3.02 Amiga 68kcommand line pdf tools
freetype 2.3.8 Amiga 68kFont library for .ttf True Type Fonts (gcc) from here
SDL_ttf 2.0.9 Amiga 68k/SDLFont library for SDL programs (freetype lib and gcc) from here
SDL_rtf 0.1.0 Amiga 68k/SDLLibrary to Display RTF files from here
Agar 1.3.3 Amiga 68k/SDL Port of the SDL GUI Toolkit see a screen grab here
SDL_gfx Amiga 68k/SDLAmiga Port of SDL_gfx
SDL_net 1.2.7 Amiga 68k/SDLNetwork library for SDL programs (gcc) from here
SDL_net Examples Amiga 68k/SDLSDL_net Networking Examples - Source Code and Binaries (gcc)
ballgame Amiga 68k/SDL a SDL game example (includes source)
sdlquake 1.0.9 Amiga 68k/SDLAmiga Port of sdlquake (Quake I) - Source and 060 Binary (gcc) see a screen grab here
shntool-0.97 Amiga 68ka WAV data-processing and reporting utility (ported from Linux Source)
shorten-3.6.0 Amiga 68kincludes .shn seek tables! (ported from Linux Source)
shorten-3.6.0 Source Amiga 68kShorten Source Code
statist 1.3.0 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of statist 1.3.0 - A Statistical Analysis Program w/ gnuplot support - see a screen grab here
mathomatic-12.5.4 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of mathomatic-12.5.4 - a general purpose Computer Algebra System
bzip2-1.0.3 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of bzip2-1.0.3 - bzip2 is a freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
Pavuk 0.9.35 Amiga 68kget an entire website
wput-0.5 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of wput - wput is a commandline ftp uploading tool
aalib-1.4.0 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of aalib (gcc). AAlib is an ascii art GFX library
curl-7.14.0 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of cURL (gcc lib included). cURL is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax
glib-1.2.10 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of glib (gcc). A cross-platform software utility library
libaaio Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libaaio (gcc). AAIO Advanced I/O Library provides the functionality of getch(), getche() and kbhit()
libdl Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libdl (gcc). Dynamic Linking
libgnugetopt-1.3 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libgnugetopt (gcc). GNU getopt library similar but more powerful than the standard getopt(3). It includes the GNU-style getopt_long() function
libid3tag-0.15.1b Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libid3tag (gcc). ID3 tag manipulation library for MAD
libmad-0.15.1b Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libmad (gcc). MAD is a high-quality MPEG audio decoder
madplay-0.15.2b Amiga 68kAmiga Port of madplay. A command-line front-end
libWWW Amiga 68klibWWW - the W3C Protocol Library
Lua 5.1.4 Amiga 68kPort of Lua Programming Language
libpng-1.2.34 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libpng (gcc)
tiff-4.0.0beta2 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libtiff (gcc)
jpeg-6b Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libjpeg (gcc)
libSFL 2.11 Amiga 68kStandard Function Library (gcc)
libsigc++-2.0.16 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of libsigc++ (gcc). libsigc++ implements a typesafe callback system for standard C++
pkg-config-0.23 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of pkg-config (gcc)
zlib-1.2.3 Amiga 68kAmiga Port of zlib (gcc)
Retirement07Java2007 USAFR Retirement Calculator Applet
Retirement07 SourceJavaSource Code
CalculatorJavaA Simple Integer Calculator Applet
Calculator SourceJavaSource Code
HandicapJavaA Golf Handicap Calculator Applet
Handicap SourceJavaSource Code
NumConverterJavaNumber To Binary, Hex & Octal Converter Applet
NumConverter SourceJavaSource Code
MileageJavaMileage To Kilometer Converter Applet
Mileage SourceJavaSource Code
CircumJavaA Circumference Calculator Applet
Circum SourceJavaSource Code
RectInfoJavaGet Information About A Rectangle Applet
RectInfo SourceJavaSource Code
EZemail Perl/Tka Perl/Tk email program see a screen grab here
Ascii.exeVisual BasicAn ASCII Key Converter